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However, unlike other investment companies such as. In todays video, I review the Fidelity Bloom Spend and Save account which comes with its own cashback rewards debit card.

Please note that the Fidelity Bloom accounts are only able to be opened through the Fidelity Bloom mobile app at this time.


. Jul 20, 2022 To get your 150 or 200 Bonus What to do Apply for your first Discover Online Savings Account, online, in the Discover App or by phone. If you are looking for the most current promotions from Fidelity, earn 50, 100, 150 bonus when you set up a qualifying Fidelity Account.

We appreciate your interest in spreading the word about Fidelity At this time, we do not have a referral bonus.

. For 2023, the standard annual match is 5 on the first 300 saved, which equals a 15 maximum bonus for 2023. I&39;m also going to include a few helpful Fidelity Bloom links below.

I&39;ve done this multiple years now, you don&39;t need to be a new customer and it doesn&39;t need to be an account type that you don&39;t already have. You can earn a 10 match on the first 300 you deposit, with a bonus of up to 30.

I just do the basic Fidelity brokerage account each time while I already hold an account.


Message the Mods. Ineligible deposit types include Cents-per- swipe rewards, cash offers from Fidelity, Fidelity Bloom savings match deposits, referral bonuses, and any deposits into your.

Fidelity Bloom. Yes, you can transfer money between your Bloom accounts and a Fidelity brokerage or Cash Management Account (CMA) using the website or Fidelity app.

Happy to help with your questions.

Download and install the browser extension 3. . .

estimated base pay is 144,398 per year. . Jun 29, 2022 Fidelity Bloom 50 Offer Terms and Conditions This offer is valid for new or existing Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC ("Fidelity") customers who open a new Fidelity Bloom Spend account and Fidelity Bloom Save account on or after 6132022 in the Fidelity Bloom app and fund with a minimum of 25. 5 match on up to 300year contributed to savings - an extra 15year is always nice. . .

Fidelity account required, but there is no minimum balance requirement.

. Purchases made outside of Fidelity Bloom app or Fidelity Bloom Shopping browser extension are not eligible to earn cash-back rewards.


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You can earn a 10 match on the first 300 you deposit, with a bonus of up to 30.